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Standley Handcrafted Candle Making Kit

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Thank you for purchasing the Standley Handcrafted candle making kit.
You should have the following supplies in the kit you ordered.

1 - Pouring pitcher
4 - lbs of IGI6006 parasoy wax
6 - 6oz tins
6 - 8oz tins
12 - Cotton wicks (HTP) (wood wicks are no longer included)
3 - ~1.3oz fragrance oil of your choice
Stirring spoon
Warning stickers
Glue dots for wicks
Wick holders


Step 1
You will need to fill a saucepan with a couple inches of water for the melting pitcher to sit in. You
only want enough water so the pitcher barely starts to float when you put it in the pan filled with
wax. A little more or less is perfectly fine.
Set the burner to medium to medium high (6/10 is where I set mine) You want to melt the wax
slowly to avoid overheating and boiling the wax too hot.

Step 2
Place one package of wax inside the pouring pitcher and place inside the saucepan.

Step 3
While the wax melts you will want to grab the package of tins and open them up so you can
place the stickers and wicks. For the stickers, you can either place them on the underside of the
lid but it’s better to place them on the underside of the tin itself that way the burning instructions
are always with the candle.

Step 4
Placing the wicks. You should have two cotton wicks for the smaller 6oz tins (one each), and two large
wood wicks for the larger 8oz tins (One each). For the wood wicks you want to place one wood inside the
metal tab and place a wick sticker on the bottom of the metal tab.
For the cotton wicks, place a sticker on the bottom of the wick tab and use the thermometer
casing as a placement tool. Slide the wick all the way through the tube and hold the wick on one
end. Then remove the sticker pad and place the wick in the center of the tin.

Step 5
Once you place the cotton wicks you can either place the wick holders now or wait until you
pour the wax, either way works and makes no difference when you place them. Some people
like to wait so your pouring area is not obstructed by the wood holder. Once you place the hold
you can pull the wick tight, fold it over and tape it into place to center the wick.

Step 6
As the wax melts you want to check the temperature and remove the wax from the double
boiler at 180
Place the pitcher on the counter and continue to stir as it cools down. For this type of wax you
can add your fragrance oil anywhere from 180-160, depending on fragrance oils you may get
better results at various temperatures. Adding your fragrance oil at 170-165 is a good range to
achieve a nice hot throw. Once the wax reaches 170-165 you can add your fragrance oil and
continue to stir so the oil and wax blend properly. Stir until 160-155 and pour into the tins.
There is a lip in the tins to act as a guide, these are good levels to adjust your pouring. If you
have left over wax you can pour it into a silicone mold if you have one and use the leftover wax
for melts.

Step 7
While the candles cool you will want to clean and prepare your pitcher for the next batch.
You can clean the pitcher a few different ways, if the wax is still melted and looks clear inside
the pitcher you can wipe the excess wax out with paper towels. If the wax is milky white, you
can place the pitcher back inside the double boiler and let it melt down again and then wipe the
wax out with a paper towel. Once you have the excess wax out of the pitcher, you can wash the
inside with hot soapy water.

Step 8
Once the tins are cool and the wax is completely hardened you can trim the wicks with a wick
cutter, scissors, or wire clippers to about ¼ inch before lighting.


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