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Standley Handcrafted Candle Melts & Tart Kit

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Thank you for purchasing the Standley Handcrafted candle melt / tart making kit.
You should have the following supplies in the kit you ordered.
1 - Pouring or melting pitcher
3 - Packages of IGI4625 wax labeled A, B, C
3 - Packages of fragrance oil labeled with the scent you chose
21 - Individual clamshells for pouring wax
3 - Packages of coloring
1 - thermometer
1 - Stirring spoon


Step 1
You will need to fill a saucepan with a couple inches of water for the melting pitcher to sit in. You
only want enough water so the pitcher barely starts to float when you put it in the pan filled with
wax. A little more or less is perfectly fine.
Set the burner to medium to medium high (6/10 is where I set mine) You want to melt the wax
slowly to avoid overheating and boiling the wax too hot.

Step 2
As the water heats up, take wax package A from the kit and place all of the individual wax
blocks inside the melting pitcher and place that inside the saucepan with the handle hanging off
the side of the pan. You can place the pitcher directly in the pan if you like, the handle just helps
the pitcher stay in place and stabilizes the pitcher during the melting process.

Step 3
As the wax is melting place seven of the clamshells on a flat surface with the lids flipped all the
way open for easy pouring.

Step 4
Continue to check the wax until it reaches 180℉
Once the wax reaches 180℉ you can add your coloring if you choose to use it. Add the color, stir
until it is completely melted and removed the pitcher from the saucepan.

Step 5
Keep stirring the wax and checking temperature until the wax reaches approximately 170℉-160℉
Anywhere in this range is where you can add your fragrance oils. You will need to test the best
temperature for different oils but this range is a pretty good temperature for success.
Add the oil while stirring and stir for one minute.

Step 6
Once you stir the wax and oil together for a minute you can pour into the clamshells.
The wax should pour evenly into all seven clamshells.

Step 7
Let the clamshells cool. Once the clamshells cool you can close the lids and let them sit for 24
After 24 hours you can break apart your first melt and test your first melt.
Clean up and preparing for scent number 2
As you pour the last melt it’s best to wipe the inside of the pouring pitcher while it’s still hot with
a paper towel to remove excess wax.
4625 wax hardens very fast so if you don’t get all of it you can place it back into saucepan and
let the residue melt back down and then wipe again with paper towels.
Once you have most of the wax wiped out you will need to wash the inside with hot soapy
water. If you do not want to use hot soapy water you can also wipe the inside with rubbing
Repeat steps 1 - 7 with the next batch of wax, oils, and clamshells.


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