How to start a candle business e-book

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A candle making business guide on how to start your very own candle business. This e-book is meant to help get you started and point you in the right direction as you create this new business. getting started, what license do you need, where do you get them, how can I get into stores?
Building a business is a huge task to take on and each new area that you look into, social media, websites, licensing, farmers markets, can fill a book on their own. This book is meant to break each of those down and give you a quick overview on what to look out for and how to get started in each of them.

This 28 page guide has everything from where to start with the right candle kit, help with websites and which one may work for you, social media apps and how to approach them, links to useful tools like barcodes if you want to sell in stores and more. 

There is so much to learn as you create a business and this book is meant to help ease some of the frustrations of learning all the different areas that will absolutely run into.

28 pages

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