DIY candle making kit (12 tin)

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Our very own DIY candle making kit with everything you need to make your own candles at home.

This kit includes the following:

1 - Pouring pitcher
3 - Packages of wax of your choice (IGI6006, Soy, or Joywax) (approx 4lbs)
6 - 6oz tins
6 - 8oz tins
12 - Cotton wicks (HTP)
3 - 1.2oz fragrance oil of your choice
Stirring spoon
Warning stickers
Glue dots for wicks
Wick holders

Wood wicks are no longer included for this kit. We moved to cotton for all sizes since they're easier to manage in the beginning. 

Our kit is a paraffin soy blend wax and not the typical beginner wax that most kits come with.
The reason we chose parsoy is that it is much easier for a beginner to achieve an amazing smelling candle on their first try.
Soy is an amazing wax but can be tricky to get a nice strong candle when you first start out. You will not run into those issues with IGI6006. This wax will leave you with a beautiful candle with a nice strong hot throw.